Comedy Basel

Comedy Basel is the biggest comedy club in Basel, Switzerland. All our stand-up comedy shows are in English. We have several shows every month.

  • Come see:
    • Your favorite comedians from Basel
    • Friends from all over Switzerland
    • International visitors

Our venues

  • We host our stand-up comedy shows at a few different venues.
    • Comedy Lab shows are hosted at The Lab, Spitalstrasse 32, 4056 Basel. Map. Facebook.
    • Comedy Open Mic at KLARA shows take place at KLARA, Clarastrasse 13, 4058 Basel. Map. Facebook.
    • Corner Comedy shows you’ll find at cargobar, St. Johanns-Rheinweg 46, 4056 Basel. Map.

Corporate workshops

What can companies learn from comedians? Bring your corporate events to the next level with leadership lessons from the comedy club! Learn how to interact with the audience, give a warm speaker introduction, or use humor in your presentation. These and many other practical skills will be on the menu at Markus’ unique workshop Humor at Work.


Want to perform at our comedy club?

You can sign up for most of our open mic comedy shows on our Facebook Events page.

Of course, visiting comedians are also always welcome. Please contact us.

See you at the show!

Comedy Basel is produced by comedian and speaker Markus Seppälä.